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Biger sizes of vibrating lingerie

If you are one of those who have bigger sizes, you don't have to worry about getting plus size remote control vibrating panties. It's not so hard to get those, especially, if you have undies that you like to wear more than others. Why I tell you that? Because, you can make your own plus size remote control vibrating panties. All you have to do is get one of the remote controll vibrating bullet insert, put it into your panties that you like to wear most. After that, is the time to enjoy in vibrating pleasures of your plus size remote control vibrating panties. It could not be more easy than that. Share this with your friends, they will love yoi for that!

Posted: 01:31, 2016-Jul-24
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Remote control vibrating thongs in your drawer

Many women prefer to wear thongs. But not all of them knows that this underwear can give ultimate pleasure, especially remote control vibrating thongs.

Remote control vibrating thongs
Maybe you know this type of sex toys. It combine modern technology and of course sexy looking thongs. But there is more.
Do you know all types of thongs? I guess not.
Do you familiar with pearl thongs?
Well, those are unique and some kind of prestige among lingerie. So if you combine wireless remote control vibrating bullet and pearl thongs, you get ultimate sex toy. Vibrating pearl thongs are quite special. Especially those with two rows of beads.
Many woman that knows them wear them during the day. They place both strings with beads around the clitoral area. So while they walk and move, beads stimulate this touch sensitive area. Now think about what happens, when you add vibrations.I guess, you know the answer.
This is it? Not really.
Those with two strings of beads can be used also during the male penetration. You can also turn on the vibrations and pleasure is doubled. If you looking for JAW DROPPING Valentine's day GIFT for your woman, you can find very sexy looking pearl thongs. If you pick vibrating pearl thongs, you give her even more.
How to find good vibrating thongs?

First of all, you must know how you will use it. You have three options. First one is with bullet insert, without any control of vibrations, just on and off switch.

Second is with wired remote controller.It's great for solo play not so good for playing with your partner.

Third is with wireless remote controller. This gives you most freedom and your partner can tease you from the other side of the room. Isn't that awesome?
To go one step further, choose those with waterproof bullet insert, so you can enjoy in vibrations also under the water.
Now that you know all three kinds of vibrating bullet inserts, you can get one of those that fits you best. Then you take your thongs out of your drawer, slip the bullet insert into that special place.
Now jump in those thongs, turn the bullet on and start to enjoy in vibrating stimulations until you reach the heaven.

Do you find this interesting?

To find even more informations, click on VIBRATING THONGS!

Posted: 12:06, 2015-Jun-15
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3 ways to get remote control vibrating panties cheaper

Everyone want to save money and looking for ways to get things cheaper. Because of popularity of remote control vibrating panties I decide to describe 3 ways to get remote control vibrating panties cheaper.

Coupon codes

This is easiest way to get things cheaper. You can find one even for sex toys. Using those during the purchase process, usually you get discount or free shipping. Some of stores gives you a FREE sex toy or some sex toy cleaner.

Discount in sidebar

This is the ultimate way to get things that you are searching for much cheaper. Some of stores gives you up to 70% of discount. One of those stores is Amazon.


Subscribe to newsletter

In my opinion this is not only good way to get discount codes and other gifts. This is actually best way to be informed about anything new. You'll be poked with emails, so you can't forget to check what's new and you don't need to waste your time for searching for coupon codes.

One of the great subscription you can find on this great website about vibrating underwear in the right sidebar.

There you can also find even more ways to save your money.

Check out with the click on 7 Tips to get vibrating panties cheaper!

Posted: 11:47, 2015-Jun-2
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Plus size remote control vibrating panties

Do you have plus size underwear and you want to get vibrating lingerie? Well don't worry. You can easely find plus size remote control vibrating panties.

There are two ways to get those. Well. You got two choices. Pick one or make one. First one is, to check out all the plus size remote control vibrating panties in some online store. This way you'll probably spend more money, but you get vibrating panties with bullet insert, which perfectly fits into those panties.
There are lot of choices betwen different type of underwear and vibrating bullet features.

Second choice is, to make one. You definitely already have plus size lingerie right? So, all you need is bullet insert for those panties that you like most.

You should consider about how you want to use it. If you'll use it for solo play, it's OK if you get just normal bullet.

If you want more freedom, you should think about getting wired control bullet insert. So you will have more control on vibrations down under.

Next choce is most common among couples. Pick one of wireless remote control bulet inserts and get ultimate sex toy.

This one you can use it with your partner, especially if you choose one that have wider range.

Choosing last one, will give you lot of freedom or fun and excitment for both of you because wit this your partner can tease and please you from the other side of the room.

So, don't hesitate and find more about where you can get plus size remote control vibrating panties for you.

More you can FIND HERE!!

Posted: 11:18, 2015-May-21
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Where to find reviews of best selling vibrating panties

If you are like me, you probably want to know more about the product, before you purchase one online. So because I know where to find reviews of best selling vibrating panties online, I decide to share it with you.

If you search trough the browser, usually you get online stores, where its only goal is to sell everything that is there.

I have done that and I have been there, looking for reviews of best slling vibrating panties.

Because I found this website, where is a lot of reviews and in my opinion they are great and worth to share with you.

So here are few websites, where you can find a lot of informations about reviews of best selling vibrating underwear:

Website where you find a lot of information about all kind of Vibrating underwear, including vibrating bra and butterfly. In some posts you can also find promo codes for discounts. Use it and save your money.

Check it out with the click on

There you find a lot of information about thongs. Not only for woman, but also for men. If you like to wear thongs, you should choose this type of vibrating underwear for you.

To check reviews of vibrating thongs, go to

Website about all kind of virating underpants. Thongs, panties, crotchless thongs and so on.

To check out reviews there, click on

Also few great reviews about black thongs, including black vibrating pearl thong.

Check those posts with the click on

Those are websites, that I found interesting and in my opinion it's worth to check it out if you looking for reviews of best selling vibrating panties. Visit one of the best online stores with sex toys CLICK HERE! Use a promo code TOYS4U for 10% discount - no minimum order!

Posted: 08:59, 2015-Apr-27
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Most realistic fake vagina

Many of men looking for fake vagina. But if you want real quality, you should check for most realistic fake vagina. Not only by look but also to feel it. Let's check out what should have most realistic fake vagina.

To place and to hold
Obviously, you want to have sexual experience with this sex toy. So it should be in the shape of real woman and the weight that will prevent it to move around while you enjoy and have fun.
It should look like real one. On the market you can find those which look realistic, but there is nothing better than realistic fake pussy molded from your favorite porn star.
Most important thing above all is usability. So choose the position you like, holes that you like and of course, if you have wishes about the inner shape of love tunnel, check those realistic fake pussy that have ribbed love tunnels. Those are great, it gives more stimulation and realistic feeling during sexual experience.
There is actually no limit. You can get realistic fake pussy in any skin color you want to. Of course, don't looking for black piece of Jenna Jameson.
Instant and quick hide version
Fleshlight is what you looking for. If you don't want others to now that you bang a pussy molded from your favorite porn star, grab one of Fleshlight girls. For your good, you can choose other holes from her too. Check other sleeves for your toy and get whole collection molded from your dream girl.
In short...What should most realistic fake vagina have?
Color, give you practical use, molded from real person, feel like real one, looks like real one and of course, no matter how much it will cost you, it's cheaper than real one!
Cleaning and maintaining
Cleaning is important. It's very easy, with warm water and soap, of course, you can also use a sex toy cleaner. Cleaning is good for your health and lasting of your toy. Enjoy in your happy hours with most realistic fake pussy and ass of your choice. For more info click on

Posted: 12:50, 2015-Apr-12
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Fleshlight girls in your home

Looking forward to make your dreams come true? With dreams I mean having a sex with your favorite porn star,with Fleshlight girls. Now it's possible to have sex with your favorite girl from adult movies. It's cheap and you can do it all the time. Not only that, you can choose which hole you will fulfill with your beast. Grab your chance to get sexual experience with your dream girl. You can bang her in pussy or ass. However, you can do it also in her mouth. But this is not it. You have pretty wide range of choices between those girls. You can find the Asian one, black one, blonde, brunet and so on. Choose one that you like most or by name or by your desire to show her who's her daddy. Those products are made from high quality and safe materials. It's definitely skin like feeling and it gives you real life sexual experience. Greatest about them is that they are molded from worldwide known pron stars. Their pussies, asses and mouths are ready for your hard cock to satisfy your sexual needs. Take your chance and get your favorite fleshlight girl into your bedroom. To find out more about Fleshlight girls, CLICK HERE!.

Posted: 12:05, 2014-Sep-24
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Best vibrating panties for you and your partner

Sex toys are known worldwide. However, question is, which are best vibrating panties for you and your partner? Where to get information about them? How to find which offers you more? Let's find out. Best vibrating panties for you and your partner must give you freedom as much as joy in exploring of the world of vibrating pleasures. If you play solo and you want something that don't cost more than 20$, then you should think about to get just vibrating bullet insert. This will cost you near 10 bucks or less. It depend of options that bullet insert have. In my opinion,best low cost solution for you is to get at least wired remote controlled vibrating panties. This gives you a little bit of freedom, as well as you can enjoy it with your partner. If you play together, then best vibrating panties for you and your partner are those with wireless remote controlled bullet inserts. Sure, it will cost you more, but think about that your partner can tease you across the room. Good example is, that you want to have sex, and you need some foreplay. Using those with wireless remote controller, will give you possibility that your partner can tease you while you prepare some snack before action. This is only one option, the limit is your imagination. After all, you can find one with waterproof bullet insert too. This means, that your partner can tease you while you take a bath. Ultimate version of vibrating panties are those with voice sensitive sensor. This is great, especially for those who will like to have vibrating pleasures of their beloved song or while enjoy on the party or at the concert. Intimate using of those is, that your partner whisper at the sensor, which activate the vibrations in your panties. Best vibrating panties for you and your partner should give you pleasure as much as joy and fun. Of course, important is that you enjoy, even better is if you reach the heaven. Don't forget, any kind of vibrating panties could be more than great as a gift for any kind of celebration you two have. So don't hesitate and check out wide range of choices of best vibrating panties for you and your partner

Posted: 11:31, 2014-Aug-23
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Great blog about Vibrating Underwear

Lots of couples looking for sex toys, which can give pleasure and fun at the same time. Few Sex Toys can satisfy their desires, specially if you are searching for toys, which blend two or more toys in one. Vibrating Lingerie blend together some kind of vibrator and nice looking Lingerie in one ultimate sex toy, which wearer can use it anywhere. Not so long in the past, I came across this website, which offers a bunchof informations regarding Vibrating Lingerie. However I ask myself, what may possibly this Lingerie give to me or my partner? Pleasure? Amusement? Can I or she get to an orgasm with it? Longer I read, more I realize that Vibrating Panties are not only made for women but also for men. After that I consider about can I give this sex toy as a gift to my partner for our first anniversary? As a resultI make a decision to try. She already has the Rabbit Vibrator, but how will my girlfriend reacted on this type of gift, which is the first one ever of this style I will give it to her. I have visited this website for a second time and buy the Remote Control Vibrating Undies. As we have our first anniversary, I look forward that she will not freak out because of this. I'm not a kindof men who knows how to give a gift, so I just put this gift with the tiny memo on her side of the bed and wait what will happen when she sees it. I was shocked. At first, she looked at me like I'm some kind of weirdo. But, I ask her if she is ready to put on them, because it can be worn like any other panties. She accepted my gift and on my surprise, she trusted me the remote. I have no theory what to think, but at the moment when she gave me the remote, I was thinking that I'm in heaven. I was holding in my hand the remote, and she jumps into the Vibrating Panties. The moment of truth… First gentle buzzing makes her looks like some kind of »That's it?«, we look at each other, and she's smiling to me. I power up the vibrations in her new Vibrating Thongs, and after that she grabs the desk, holding her breath and big smile upon her face tells me everything. I know that she enjoys in vibrations when she-we use her Rabbit Vibrator, but this smile will always stay in my memory. These days we use this Remote Control Vibrating Thogs when we go to the cinema or in the park. Of course, we use it as well at home. She enjoys in enjoyable vibrations, and I have fun watching her and of course; I feel more powerful, while I have the remote controller of her thongs. OK this is my story how I give this exclusive gift to my girlfriend and I look forward that you will do something like this. If your woman enjoys in vibrations, I extremely suggest to get one of those Remote Control Vibrating Lingerie. No matter if she has bigger sizes or she wear only a regular panties or thongs. You can get any type of Vibrating Underpants, even Vibrating Pearl Thong, which I had no awareness that ever exists. To find a much more information on the subject of Vibrating Lingerie, CLICK HERE! To find Online store where I purchase Remote Control Vibrating Panties for my Girlfriend GO HERE! Don't forget to use special promo code: JUST4U 5.00% Off (No Order Minimum) TOYS4U 10.00% Off (No Order Minimum) expire on Aug 31, 2012

Posted: 05:20, 2012-Aug-25
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Pleasures created with Jopen Vanity

Jopen Vanity is one of the top trademarks in the sex toys industries. On the market you can discover several versions of this Luxurie Vibrators marked by numbers. You can also notice one of the best Luxury Vibrator from Vanity by Jopen named as Jopen Intensity. Every one of Jopen Vanity Vibrators come in charming fuchsia color. If you looking for ultimate Kegel exerciser, then Jopen Vanity Vr.1 is just ideal for you. If you want some other kind of Luxury Vibrator for yourself or you intend to shock your partner, trust me, this can be incredibly unique and special gift. All of those Vibrators are rechargeable and all of them exept Jopen Intensity are waterproof. Everytime while you use some kind of sex toys, you must be familiar with how to use them safely and of course how to get as much as possible pleasure while you operate them. I extremely suggest to use any Vanity by Jopen with water based or oil based lubricants. One special feature that Jopen Vibrators have is Travel Lock feature, so you will preventany inconveniences while you travel. In short this is pretty much it concerning Vanities by Jopen. To find out more, Click on Jopen Vanity. You can find those product if you CLICK HERE - use JUST4U promo code to get 5% discount.

Posted: 08:51, 2012-Jun-22
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Using Remote Control Vibrating Briefs To Spice Up Your Sex-Life

Did you ever ask yourself: »How can you spice up your sex-life? Or you want to have sex on the bus, in the park, in your office,while you shopping,..???

With pair of Remote Control Vibrating Briefs you can have sex almost everywhere you want to and the best of all is that no one will know that you enjoy in Vibrating Pleasures when you wearing Vibrating Briefs.

Vibrating Briefs are only one type of Vibrating Underwear that you can find on the market. If you more like to wear Thongs or even Pearl Thongs, you can find them too, of course in Vibrating version. All types of Vibrating Lingerie are tastefully designed and crafted to prevent any sort of discomfort or detection. There are in different sizes too, so you do not worry that you can't find them for your body type.



Remote Control Vibrating Briefs have bullet insert that vibrates. You or your partner can control vibrations up to 20 feet (8 m) away. They are very easy to keep clean, because the bullet insert is removable. You can wear them as regular Thongs by removing bullet insert.

One more thing that is important. You can also get Vibrating Panties For Men. More and more woman surprise their men with this sex toy.

The maintenance of Vibrating Briefs is low like for any other sex toys. It only requires to be washed after use.

Vibrating Briefs or any other Vibrating Underwear can be also very unique gift for your partner.

Valentines Day is near and this stuff is just perfect to surprise and drop the partners jaw on the floor.

For more info click on Remote Control Vibrating Briefs

Posted: 01:13, 2012-Jan-8
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